Hippie Fashion

No decade celebrates its comeback as frequently as the wild seventies. Consequently, it can be seen in lots of collections this summer: thanks to vests, batik, maxi dresses, paisley and endless flower prints.

Love & Peace – this was the motto of the flower power generation, which was expressed in fine millefleurs and large-size flower prints. That is why the designers of Almia, Open End, Stylicious and Yppig to put their shirts on flower people.

Batik is very popular this summer. The number one in Woodstock is now conquering the whole world. We love the tie dye trend! Find out here, how to create the look at home.

Flowing maxi dresses and long skirts are an inherent part of every hippie wardrobe. Plus: this trend is incredibly comfortable!

Hippie vests are a practical addition to your outfit on fresh days. Crocheted , with flower appliqués or in natural hues!

Fancy Ibiza or Goa? These looks get us in the mood for holidays very quickly. The paisley print plays a large role in 2012. It dates back to traditional oriental prints and was rediscovered in the 1970s.

In our current issue everything turns on hippie fashion! Discover all the styles, trends and fashion icons of the era here.

Of course, you can also find the trend in our shop!

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