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Interview with Anna Scholz

Anna Scholz was often annoyed by the lack of choice in plus size clothing and made a decision to design her own line. This idea led to a true success story: the Anna Scholz brand. The German-born designer now lives in London and is among the most successful designers for plus size fashion worldwide. In our exclusive interview with Anna Scholz, we discuss the beginnings and development of her brand, as well as her experiences in the plus size industry in both national and international markets.

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Surfer with curves: our interview with Bo Stanley

We have already introduced you to Bo Stanley, a professional surfer and model from California, in the recent issue of our fashion magazine. In an exclusive interview with navabi, Bo Stanley talks about her beauty secret, fashion sense and her body image.

Read our interview with Bo here:

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Our interview with Mirella from Stylicious

Mirella, designer and founder of Stylicious, tells us about her beginnings as a designer and explains us how the plus size market will develop.

Being a European size 34, how come you went into designing plus size clothing?

When I was 21 years old, I started my first fashion boutique in “regular sizes”. It was a young girls dream come true of course. But very soon I noticed that it was very difficult to dress my size 44 and 46 customers with the labels I sold at that moment. In my opinion this was absurd, since the Dutch women are a size 42 average. So I decided to open another store specialized in plus size clothing. It was a complete hit! I did not think in sizes, but thought in body shapes and how to make them look their best! Just as I did in my “regular size” store. I loved working with plus size woman! It was my passion to show them how to dress their curves and look fabulous regarding size. To help them realize that they are worth to be seen, and that they do not have to hide themselves by wearing black sweaters all the time. To give them more self esteem and empower them by just feeling confident about themselves! Amazing that clothes can do that to a person!

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Eva Lutz about the difference between standard and larger sizes

In our recent magazine, we have featured a profile of Eva Lutz, the designer of Sallie Sahne. Just recently, she attended the Fashion Week in Berlin to present her other fashion label Minx which focuses on size zero. We met her in Berlin and asked her what the difference is between designing standard sizes and larger sizes?

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Anna Scholz on today’s Plus Size Models

In one of our recent magazins we featured an interview with plus size designer Anna Scholz. Unfortunately due to the limited space we had to show you only an extract of the interview. Anna also shared her opinion on today’s plus size models with us, which fits perfectly into the recent discussion about Crystal Renn being skinny again.

Read Anna’s statement about today’s plus size models.

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