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Beautiful Bloggers: Katrin’s fashion tips

Manon Baptiste - Colour-trim flared dress Manon Baptiste - 50s-style round-collar dress Carmakoma - Top with ruffled neckline Carmakoma - Polka dot chiffon skirt

At times, one comes across a colourful mixture of fruits and geometry in fashion, from pears to hourglasses. What’s that all about? Of course, we are talking about the different body shapes.

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Guests: Luciana’s Party Outfit

Last month, Luciana (Lu zieht an) attended a big event. Looking for the perfect evening gown, Luciana contacted us, as she had fallen in love with this wrap-effect leopard print dress by Roberto Cavalli White. Right here, she is going to tell you all about her party outfit and the matching make up:

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Follow Friday: Style has No size

There are thousands of blogs out there. Therefore, we have introduced a new category, Follow Friday. From now on, we present interesting fashion and lifestyle blogs to you. As our first recommendation, we would like to intrdouce you to Edith, who owns Style has No size – Edith’s blog belongs to our daily “must-read” list!

“Style has No size” is Edith’s motto. On her blog, she writes about the discrepancy between straight size and plus size and is about to introduce a new generation in the world of fashion, the “inbetweenies®”.

See the exclusive interview with Edith right here!

What was your main inspiration to start your own blog?

I wanted to be a voice for the average sized women out there! There were a lot of size zero or full figured bloggers. But I am right in the middle. I see myself as an average size woman: an inbetweenie®, a woman in between sizes. Too big for straight size and too small for plus size. And because in almost every country there are a lot of women in sizes 40-46/48, but they don’t have any platform. That’s why I became the advocate for this ‘forgotten group’ and started to be an ambassador for the inbetweenies®.

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Kelly’s Sale Highlights

Veto - Transparent tunic Veto - Loose long top Jean Marc Philippe - Cropped blazer Amandine - Knitted Top



Just as the current temperatures, our summer sale has also reached its peak! This is the best opportunity to treat yourself to something nice. Straight from the Big Apple, plus size blogger Kelly Augustine from Masquemag told us which sale treasures are on her list:

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Guests: The fashion secret of the Scandinavians

In today’s guest article, blogger Tina from Dansk Electives, reveals the fashion secret of the Scandinavians. She knows what she’s talking about: a couple of years ago, love made her leave Germany and brought her to Denmark, where she still lives.

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden – Scandinavia. Known for a very special lifestyle and a distinct sense of fashion, which is spreading more and more to continental Europe and is preferably worn on runways in Paris, Milan, and Rome. The demand for labels of the far north seems to explode and Scandinavian brands have mushroomed in European metropolises. But why exactly is everyone so fond of Scandinavian fashion? What makes the designs of the Nordic countries so special?

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