A comparison between plus-size and runway models

Our friends over at PLUS Model Magazine have started a huge discussion with their provocative editorial about comparing the sizes of today’s plus size beauties and runway models.

In their current issue they are showing the unveiled plus-size model Katya Zharkova next to an undressed high-fashion model. The already hotly debated photos are supported by the statement that most runway models have an anorexic body mass index.

Provocation or truth? What is your opinion on the current discussion about today’s models and their weight?

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    1. #1 • Katya said on January 14 2012:

      ,,,,and most plus size models are obese. The reason why thin models are an issue is because the average person is obese so comparing oneself to a thin girl could become an emotional inner conflict. I think the girl who has truly got it right is Crystal Renn, once she lost all that weight through healthy habits.

    2. #2 • Layla said on May 14 2012:

      Anorexic and obese models are both bad examples, but there are way more anorexic models that teenagers compare themeselves to who are most vulnerable for eating disorders cause most of them don’t feel very comfortable in their own skin, and that has nothing to do with weight. I think the plus size models are prettier than the ‘normal’ models but they aren’t really ‘fat’ big, they’re more toned big. They’re only there to give people who can’t lose weight that easy a bit more comfort and that’s a good thing. Of course everyone should aim for a bmi between 20 and 25 but some people have more musscles than others, etc… Anywho, live healthy and happy and don’t let the fashion industry fool ya!!!

    3. #3 • Wil Peters said on September 16 2012:

      The fat one is obese, the skinny is normal. In europe and America is obesity a bigger problem then anorexia. Off course was a fashion model 8% less 20 years ago. 20 Years ago the average woman was not as big as today.

      Obesity is the problem in western society not anorexia. It isn’t right to promote big!!

    4. #4 • divadellecurve said on November 5 2012:

      This plus size model is not obese ans nobody is promoting being obese by showing dofferent body types. Obesity is not only given by excessive junk food, but mainly by stress. Being judged and depressed only adds to the stress and promotes obesity much more than showing a curvy body…